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Come and join us for your introduction to the EMMETT Technique. The Easy Muscle Management is suitable for professional and non professionals. Therapy groups, carers groups, parents support groups, sports groups e.g. running clubs, roller derby teams, rugby & football teams or simply a group of friends who want to learn a great package of procedures to help themselves, family, friends or colleagues, everyone is welcome.

The EMM-Tech short course was created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use some of his work for self-care and to help friends and family.

The course will provide you with tools to simply and effectively trigger a relaxation response in 11 key muscles.

The EMMETT Releases taught will cover:-


* Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) for neck rotation.

* Pectoralis Minor for difficulty reaching the arm behind the body.

* Biceps  2 moves for when there is restriction lifting the arm.                                                                            

* Forearm release for weak grip, elbows and wrists.

* Latissimus dorsi for where there is a “dragging” under the arm and lower back tightness.

* Diaphragm/Abdominal release – for breathing difficulties and tight abdominal muscles.

* ITB release. Quicker, simpler and less painful than massage techniques!

* ITB/Sartorius where there is difficulty squatting and lack of strength in the legs.

* Gastroc/calf for fluid filled calves and poor balance.

* Foot Balance moves to assist balance and stability. 

So simple. So effective. 

The results from these moves are usually immediate – you will be able to see and feel the changes for yourself and after only a short demonstration and practice you will be able to achieve the same kind of results for your own clients.

The course costs £100 and runs from 9am till 6pm. It includes a Training Guide and a DVD in which Ross Emmett demonstrates each move, to help refresh your memory. 50% for repeaters!

What participants have to say:

Michael came to the Easy Muscle Management and here is what he has to say about the course

Catherine White

"I found the short course very informative and well presented by Joana.  The location in Spalding was ideal and the content was really interesting and enjoyable.  

Some of the moves required more practice and were challenging but were expertly performed for us by Joana and she was really helpful and patient. 

The best result I got was performing the shoulder moves, seeing the results from the other person was really great.  

If you are a therapist and are looking for another technique to use this one is ideal and the results are immediate.  These techniques offer not just to therapists but also non therapists the self help tools for friends and family that are amazing.  

I really enjoyed this course and Joana is amazing at what she does.  Thank you!"

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