Joana Pedroso


"I was blown away on a first session, then I decided to learn this technique and become a Bowen practitioner."

In my previous career I worked as a Conservation Scientist, using different analytical techniques to research mainly about paintings. It was an amazing and exciting career but I always had an interest in alternative therapies.

I decided to stop my current job and pursue a career in  alternative and holistic therapies. While on a mission to try different modalities, I signed up for a Bowen Therapy session and  was blown away on a first session. The long term lower back pain I was sufering from for many years had been relieved substantially by the following day. I then decided to learn this amazing technique. 


Besides feeling relief with lower back pain, I also noticed improvement on hamstring felxibility, and relief in menstrual pain. 


I have seen many more examples of where Bowen has been effective in my clients - for example with frozen shoulder, back problems, general oedema, sleeping issues, digestive complaints and many more.