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Pre & Post Natal Care

The holistic approach of her treatments can promote optimal positioning for your baby and aid in birth preparation or assist with postpartum recovery.

Pre & Post Natal Care

Pregnancy and Beyond

This gentle and non-invasive holistic approach aims to restore balance and harmony within the body. It involves a series of delicate, rolling movements and precise holds over specific areas of the body, stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms. Our therapy is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Allow yourself the freedom to take a much-needed break and unwind with a soothing Bowen treatment. It's the perfect way to help you embrace the journey during pregnancy with relaxation.

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Pre & Post Natal Care

Pregnancy Services

Bowen Technique has no contra-indications during pregnancy and can get the body in optimal shape, being extremely effective at relieving symptoms of:

  • Swollen limps

  • Carpal tunnel and wrist discomfort (often involving swelling and tingling/loss of grip)
    Morning sickness

  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

  • Muscular tension and postural issues such as lower back pain and sciatica

  • Heartburn

  • Restlessness and sleeping difficulties

  • Sacral pain and discomfort

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Pre & Post Natal Care

Bowen Therapy for Babies

Given the gentle nature of Joana’s treatment, both Bowen and the EMMETT Technique are exceptionally well-suited for babies and children, who typically respond more rapidly to these treatments compared to adults. 

Our therapy can provide relief and support for issues such as birth trauma, digestive concerns like colic, feeding and breastfeeding challenges, sleep difficulties, teething discomfort, stress, neck restrictions, and bladder problems, including bed-wetting in older children.

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After Birth Recovery

Post-Natal Care for Mothers

Bowen Therapy and the EMMETT Technique are invaluable tools for aiding your body's recovery after pregnancy. These neuromuscular therapies stimulate the nervous system to reset, facilitating the release of stored trauma within muscle memory and assisting your body in its journey back to balance.

In addition to alleviating pain, Joana’s sessions can contribute to hormonal balance, stress reduction, the restoration of pelvic floor health, and even support optimal milk production for an improved breastfeeding experience.

If you've had a Caesarean (commonly referred to as a C-Section), you might experience discomfort in your scar area. It's not uncommon for the scar to create a sensation of pulling, potentially leading to discomfort in other areas of your body, including the chest, back, and pelvic floor. Have a look how joana can help with scar therapy.

In certain cases, women who have had epidurals may experience added tightness around the muscles where the epidural was applied. Bowen Therapy can help release tension and restore your body to a state of balance.

Allow Joana's Bowen Therapy to accompany you on your pregnancy and post-natal journey, providing the nurturing support and care your body truly deserves during this remarkable time of your life.



  • What should I wear?
    Treatment is usually done on skin, wearing undergarments, however it can also be done through light clothing. During treatment you will be covered with towels and, if necessary, a blanket. Clients are properly drapped at all times during the treatment. The patient is invited to lay down on a therapy table, however due to difficulties in mobility and other restrictions, some patients may also receive treatment on a chair.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Most people will have responses within 1-4 sessions, when even long standing pain has been seen to be relieved in many clients. Some conditions might need to be treated more often, but in either case it is recommended that clients return for regular treatments every six to eight weeks to maintain optimum health.
  • Who can be treated?
    It is safe to use on anyone, men and women of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. It is also really beneficial for pregnant women and for those who are unable to receive more invasive or forceful treatments.
  • Aftercare?
    During the days following a Bowen session It is advised to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. It is also important, especially on the day of the treatment to not stay uninterrupted in a sitting position longer than about 30 minutes at a time. Stay in touch with your therapist and return for additional treatments to maintain optimal health. It should be noted that receiving other manipulative therapies immediately following a Bowen session can undermine the effectiveness of the Bowen work. However, if this is not possible, please discuss it with Joana for more guidance. The Bowen Technique is not a substitute for medical advice. You should not stop any medication you have been prescribed unless your doctor tells you to do so. The Bowen Technique will not interfere with any medication you are taking.
  • How often should I come for a session?
    For a course of treatment with Bowen sessions, it is recommended to space them at a minimum of 5 days apart and not more than 10 days. However, it's essential to consider that the body undergoes continuous changes during pregnancy, potentially altering the treatment requirements. Some expectant mothers may initially opt for 1-2 sessions and subsequently return as needed, whenever their symptoms resurface, or when they require assistance to relax or improve their sleep.
  • I would like relief for my pain/symptoms but I have concerns of how the therapy may affect my baby.
    The good news is that Bowen treatment poses no contraindications, and it can actually benefit your baby. Joana's comprehensive approach aims to relax the muscles around the pelvis, which, in turn, creates more space for the baby. This can encourage optimal foetal positioning and potentially alleviate issues like acid reflux that mothers may be experiencing.
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Pre & Post Natal Care


Lower Back pain during pregnancy

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